Improving lives.
Improving Lives

A mission to make a difference

Improving lives is not just a buzz term but a thought-provoking, open-ended statement that guides our actions and measures our successes. 

It shapes how we approach business. It’s part of the vetting process when considering new products and new partnerships. It defines our relationships with employees and business associates. And it inspires us to live sustainably so we can do better by our community and world around us. 

We’re committed to the mission, which is why we have a Senior Manager whose role it is to keep our culture, care for our people, and keep us focused on the importance of incorporating the mission into every work-related decision.

It’s our promise to you that CCF Brands will always do what’s right, both ethically and morally.


What are the big ideas behind Improving Lives?

Always do what’s right. Doing what’s right is an unwavering constant that doesn’t change with circumstances. 

Bless others. We’ve been blessed so we pay the blessing forward through donations of time and money to worthy nonprofits and community projects.

Live with Grace. God has given us more Grace than we deserve, and by His grace we show respect and appreciation for everyone we meet and in everything we do.