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Sustainable Supply Chain

Our goal is to create the greenest supply chain possible for our goods and services

At CCF Brands, we are dedicated to creating a more sustainable supply chain that extends from farm to consumer. From our experience, data measurement is essential to the long-term goal of supply chain emissions reduction.

Collecting emissions data helps us to establish a baseline that allows reduction goals and progress to be tracked year after year. We recognize that transparency is a two-way street and are committed to providing this information to our valued retailers by participating in their initiatives and questionnaires. Supply chain engagement and participation is about cultivating relationships, and we share a commitment with our partners to create a greener supply chain.


  • We collected data for three years on our supplier's waste, water, electricity and on-farm practices.
    • We identified manure as the largest contributor of greenhouse gas emissions.
    • Next, we hope to collaborate with suppliers and provide recommendations and guidance on reducing their on-farm emissions and environmental impact.

Valued Retailers

  • This is our third year responding to the CDP supply chain questionnaire for our valued customer Walmart.
  • This is our first year responding to Walmart’s Sustainability Index for the egg category.


As leaders in sustainability, we aim to provide transparency for our consumers surrounding key issues such as animal welfare and GMOs.