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Sustainable Packaging

We strive to not only source the most sustainable packaging material we can find, but to have the highest recycling rates in the egg industry

We source the most sustainable materials we can find in order to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible. Despite our efforts to create recyclable packaging, if the end consumer tosses our egg carton in the trash, our mission is unsuccessful. On every carton of eggs we sell, we include recycling instructions so our consumers can close the recycling loop. We strive to provide sustainability leadership in the egg industry and achieving high recycling rates is essential to meeting that goal. 

Here are the different types of packaging we use:

  • Paper/Pulp Carton
    • Manufactured with either 100% recycled material or 100% reclaimed paper.
  • Foam Carton
  • PET Plastic Carton
    • Manufactured with easily recyclable, lightweight material that reduces energy costs and emissions throughout the shipping process.
  • Folding Carton and Corrugated Shipping Case

In Addition:

  • CCF is a proud member of the How2Recycle Label Program
    • Every egg carton contains recycling instructions tailored to the zip code where our products are sold.
  • CCF has partnered with Axios shipping technology
    • A portion of our eggs are shipped using this technology which leverages lighter freight pallets to reduce fuel costs and subsequently our supply chain emissions.