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Mar 5, 2015

SAN FRANCISCO – March 1, 2015 -- CCF Brands is proud to announce its sponsorship of the nationwide public television broadcast of the award- winning film So Right So Smart.

The film celebrates businesses that have pioneered the adoption of more environmentally sustainable business practices and are proving that what’s good for the planet can also be good for the bottom line.

Produced by MagicWig Productions Inc. under its MagicGreen banner, the film takes a behind-the-scenes look at of Interface, Inc., a billion-dollar global carpet tile manufacturer founded by Ray Anderson, whose environmental epiphany in 1994 and subsequent transformation led the
Washington Post to dub him “the greenest CEO in America.”

Anderson’s relentless determination and charismatic ability to
communicate the connection between “eco and economy” guided the company through challenging but ultimately successful efforts to prove the power of “doing well by doing good.” The company continues to pursue an ambitious goal of becoming a restorative enterprise by the year 2020.

The film also features a variety of other examples from businesses that have built successful models around the core values of environmental stewardship, including Patagonia, Stonyfield Farms and Seventh Generation, as well as prominent sustainability experts and authors including Paul Hawken and Janine Benyus.

Their stories underscore the power of leadership and vision in bringing about innovative change that can provide models for the larger business community and other institutions. The film also encourages individual consumers to become informed customers of more responsible companies.

Public television broadcast dates and times are available on the film’s website at The list is updated regularly as new broadcasts are added.

So Right So Smart will be released for the first time April 1 on DVD for private at-home use at for $24.95. The film is also available for group screening, educational, and corporate use through The Video Project –, the institutional distribution division of Specialty Studios.

The film is presented to public television stations by Specialty Studios, a San Francisco-based social cause media distribution company.

About MagicWig:
MagicWig Productions, Inc. is a film, video, and event company based in Upstate New York.  In addition to producing independent film projects, the company produces creative content and large scale staging for businesses and nonprofit organizations.
About Specialty Studios and the Video Project:
Specialty Studios is a fully integrated media and content studio that harnesses the power of socially conscious media to touch hearts, engage minds and inspire action. To reach The Video Project and Specialty Studios, call 1-800-4-PLANET or email

Contact: Margaret Poindexter Specialty Studios Publicity 415-602-7005