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Coalition for Sustainable Egg Supply Final Research Results Released

Mar 20, 2015

 The Coalition for Sustainable Egg Supply (CSES) has publicly released the final results of its hen housing research, which evaluates three laying hen housing systems based on a variety of sustainability measures.

Over the past four years and through two hen flock cycles, CSES has been engaged in a holistic, commercial-scale study of conventional cage housing, cage-free aviary housing and enriched colony housing and their potential impacts on food safety, hen health and well-being, the environment, worker health and safety, and food affordability. These research results now provide producers, egg retailers, restaurants, suppliers and other stakeholders the information they need to make independent informed decisions that are ethically grounded, scientifically verified, economically viable and, ultimately, in alignment with the values of their customers and consumers.

The results show the three systems researched each have associated trade-offs across those elements of sustainability. A complete research report and other research insights exploring the trade-offs associated with each system can be found at

CSES, which was facilitated by the Center for Food Integrity, is a multi-stakeholder coalition of leading animal welfare scientists, academic institutions, non-government organizations, egg suppliers, and restaurant/foodservice and food retail companies. The research was led by researchers at Michigan State University and University of California, Davis, while researchers at Iowa State University, USDA Agricultural Research Service and Cargill also contributed. 

Visit for more information about the Coalition for Sustainable Egg Supply.