Improving lives.
Improving Lives : Sustainability

 We commit to improve lives and conduct business in a manner that respects the environment, supports our community, and builds financial stability.

At CCF Brands, we are committed to our role as leaders and innovators in sustainability. This leadership requires us to use a comprehensive vision in order to develop groundbreaking goals and requirements for our supply chain, internal operations and product packaging. Above all, we strive to cultivate relationships with our suppliers and retailers in order to build a better environment for our consumers and other stakeholders.

Leaders walk their talk

In 2012, we established a sustainability task force in order to bring creativity and focus to our internal sustainability initiatives.

Leaders collaborate and encourage transparency

We collect and share data throughout our supply chain in order to understand our impact and achieve our goal of reducing emissions.

Leaders set new standards

We not only source the most sustainable packaging materials we can find, but also help our consumers complete the loop and recycle our products.