Improving lives.
Improving Lives: How we share

“We’ve been blessed so much and it’s our responsibility to be able to turn that blessing over to others, whether it’s with our employees and their families or out in the community. That’s a goal, a want, and a desire.” 

Juliana Whaley, CCF Brands Director of Community Initiatives 


Improving Lives means we share our blessings with others through donations and the much-appreciated volunteer time put in by our employees. 

We encourage employees to volunteer and allow them paid-time off to do so during regular business hours. Financial donations are important, but by giving one’s time to a non-profit, both the volunteer and charity are positively impacted.

That’s the beauty of Improving Lives. 

Through volunteerism, in-kind donations, and cash contributions, CCF Brands is Improving Lives through these non-profits:

  • Single Parent Scholarship Fund – Benton Co.

  • Boys and Girls Club of Benton County

  • Children’s Miracle Network / Arkansas Children’s Hospital

  • Northwest Arkansas Children's Shelter

  • Samaritan Community Center

  • The Farm Initiative with the Cobblestone Project

  • Arkansas Athletes Outreach

  • Youth Baseball Clinic at Arvest Park