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Improving Lives: Experiences with God

What I learned from my friend

May 28, 2015

Several years ago a consultant/colleague who became a friend was stricken with severe Cancer.  Like anyone with a young family he began asking the normal questions...Why me?  How do we fight this?  What will happen with my family?  What will become of this business I have worked so hard to build?  What is my next move...I mean what do I do tomorrow?   In those first few months we talked often, by phone, email, skype...then life got busy, he began treatments, and I had to deal with my family and big workload.  However a few months back there was a huge need to contact him.  We exchanged emails, and I asked forgiveness for not contacting him for so long.  Quickly he responded, "no forgiveness needed" but asked me to engage his blog.  Immedately my heart was stricken.  My friend has been through Hell and back.  His post today taught me a lot.   He talked about not wanting to hear these word from people, "I know what you're going through"... "At least this hasn't happened,"  I felt terrible for him, but I was thankful he was being so transparent.  It was through his transparency that I learned he felt lonely through this time, which I can see is totally normal but again I felt like a failure because I wasn't present with him to listen.  Here is what my wise friend has taught me through his families crisis.  Even when times are at there worst, offer grace, Christ did...When people are hurting you don't need to identify to empathize, just be present.

Please pray for David and his wife and kids