Improving lives.
Improving Lives: Experiences with God

Restoration of Mayflower

Aug 1, 2014

Our mission is to improve lives… how does a CPG company that specializes in eggs do that? Our answer is relationally. We seek to build relationships with those in need, to simply bless them because we have been blessed.

We spent our Sunday, worshiping, eating, listening, and dreaming with the people of Mayflower, Ark. On April 27th the town was hit by an EF4 tornado, changing lives forever. Lifeline community church, one local congregation, had their building leveled by the storm. During the service, you could see the look on a tired pastor’s face. Sitting next to a Patsy, a great-grandmother, her story was heart-breaking she has  $50,000 in damage done to her home, and no insurance. The whole congregation was meeting in the High School cafeteria, things were going to be different. However, there was an energy that morning; 75 people had worked cleaning up the day before, cleaning places that had been left for weeks. The restoration process continues, the worship service this day was led by Ron Harris and Lady Anita, the people were called to forget the past and strive for the future.

Ron told us, “a set back is the perfect set up for a come back.” This service offered Hope. 

We entered in by providing eggs for the brunch after the service. The small country church, had Vacation Bible School the week before (big in the South.) This made it more of a community meal than just a church gathering.

As we sat around the table together, we listened as the people shared their stories of the storm.

What happened to them personally, what happened to their neighbors, how it will effect their schools and their church. They talked about how the tornado changed their life.  It was an honor to sit with people that have been through this tragedy. 

When you sit with people who have been broken or are in need, you are near the presence of God, because God’s heart is for the brokenhearted.

We were blessed to be in Mayflower.