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My Soul

Nov 4, 2014

The Stream is  "MY SOUL"


This is a story of a small town that enjoyed the goodness of a fresh cool water stream.

That was running down from the mountain into the middle of the busy streets.

Many years before they were so proud of the Stream,  they employed an older man to maintain the stream high up into the mountain.


The Stream (The Soul) Vital to the overall health and livelihood of the town.

This was a mountain town located below the larger mountains, where the stream slowly moved down into the center of town.

The towns people viewed the stream as a vital part of their health and livelihood,

bringing, Fresh, Clean, Healthy water into the town.

This process continued for many years, so the people decided they needed to guard and protect the stream.

So they hired a man (the Keeper of the stream) to live in the mountains to rid the stream of debris, cleaning all the limbs, leaves, and nasty mucky substance that would grow on the rocks without supervision. 

IF the bottom of the stream did not  continue to stay clean than it could not provide healthy clean pure water. (Think of your Soul as the Stream)


As the years went by the town became known for its wonderful stream, a clean place that was pleasing to all.

However eventually the stream was just taken for granted, it was there and it was a self cleaning, self maintaining stream, (the keeper of the Stream became "out of sight out of mind")


Eventually town management decided they no longer needed a "Keeper Of The Stream."

This budget could be trimmed and the town would find a better use for these funds.


So what happens to the Stream?


The stream gradually begin to look dingy, cloudy, then each day, each week each month each year it became more and more nasty, unclean, and unhealthy.

THe Stream no longer was a steam to be proud of, just a polluted water running right through the middle of the town with no useful means for the people, Unhealthy, Defeated, Sick.


The Soul (stream) became unclean, tried, filthy, polluted with sin it no longer was living up to the Standards of responsibility in obedience expected in Christ.

We are the "Keeper Of Stream" cleaning and resting our souls, yielding to his will and not that the will of  this world.

Jesus promises he will come again, to receive his children as his own, bring down a new  home from heaven, where our souls will rest forever in our new body.  

Do you rest your soul, yielding to Jesus as we serve him and complete our purpose?  



Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart. - Psalm 37:4 (NKJV)