Improving lives.
Improving Lives: Experiences with God

Improving Lives - Our Mission

Jul 7, 2015

When you ask a person, organization, or company why they exist...hopefully their reply is short and memorable.  In addition hopefully there is proof in that statement.  Here a CCF Brands we try and live our mission out each day in a tangile way.  Our mission is to improve lives.  We want to improve the lives of our consumers, by offering you the best quality protien (most often eggs), at the most affortable price.  We work with our partners to help life for the famers and their flocks become as sustatianble as humanly possible in today's enviorment.  Currently we source local food pantries and shelters with eggs, offering top protien to the most vunerable people of Northwest Arkansas.

This past year, we colaborated with other polutry compaines (Tyson Foods and Cobb Vantrass) here in Northwest Arkansas.  The three of us through intelectual capital and finances teamed with to offer eggs daily to Orphans in Uganda.  The University of Arkansas has engaged this process as well, watching the transformation of these Children's physical, mental, and emotional growth. an amazing organization adding new projects annually.  We fully believe they are being blessed, becuase as they look for the local organization to partner and form a sustainable business relaitonship.  The key element that fits between both orgs. and the Child is the spiritual intent.  God created the egg in a single serving, all most every vitimin and nutritet you need for a normal days supply.  These children are being transformed through the power of the egg. 


Egg Officer