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Improving Lives: Experiences with God

God needs men like Nehemiah (Part 2)

Mar 21, 2014

After the threat of attacks, Nehemiah still told God it is in your hands, however we will keep our weapons close and ready just in case you have a plan for our actions. (again Giving God Credit)

He was still showing God that his Trust was in him even though they were not taking the situation for granted.

There are times we will need to take action, but that is not placing trust  in self, but in God strength and guidance.

Chapter 13

However the threats continued and this was bending Nehemiah’s last nerve, his emotions running high as his angry was boiling.

He asked God to continue to strengthen him, showing that he still is leaning on God for his emotional, mental and mental reactions.

Do you and I ever asked God to help with our own drama and emotional eruptions in responding to our challenges?

Nehemiah leaned on God to handle his enemies and their evil actions.

He took away his eagerness to handle it but he trusted God to handle all the issues and expected Justice.

Nehemiah was asking God to remember him and to see that his efforts was to please God in all his choses as well how to make good decisions as he leads the people away form Satan.

He wanted no selfish motives in his heart, only to please God and rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.



Nehemiah’s Prayers and plans included God in the center of all actions and it allowed Nehemiah’s heart to open unto God’s will giving God the the freedom to work it all out in his time.

Nehemiah organized and motivated the people and led them with courage and integrity through times of resistance from outside enemies and conflict within the community.

Despite strong opposition, under Nehemiah’s leadership the people rebuilt the walls of Jerusalem in fifty- two days.


How often do we empty our heart out to God seeking his wisdom, strength, and power to serve all the one who are in dire needs?

Do we tell him how we feel about all that is of a concern and hurtful to others?

How often do the lean on him and not ourself to resolve emotional human drama in our lives?

How often do we feel pressure and lean on God to settle the selfish emotional issues?

What do we really work at in our lives to just simply please God?

Nehemiah Loved God, Honored Him, Praised him, Loved his people.

A Man who saw depressed state in his people and took action.

A  (common) Man who knew God was Holy so he leaned on God’s strength and Power to accomplish the impossible.



Greet each day with your eyes open—Yield to the Spirit—Take in the beauty of God’s Creation—Keep an open mind with a listening heart—This builds character and impacts lives with “Christ Like” LOVE.


God Bless,