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God needs men like Nehemiah (Part 1)

Mar 20, 2014

Nehemiah, with a willing heart and great character, possessed all that God wanted to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem and lead the people back to spiritual obedience.

In the midst of heart ache, internal opposition and external enemies, he leaned on God in prayer to anoint him to rebuild the walls.

As the book of Nehemiah begins you will find Nehemiah working for and committed to Artaxerxes, the king of Persia. Nehemiah was common man, but in a unique position as the Kings cupbearer, who possessed little power, but he had great influence because he was trusted by the King.


Chapter 1

After Nehemiah receives the bad news concerning Jerusalem with its walls destroyed and the gates burned.  He Prayed with a humble grieving heart.

He knew God’s Holiness, asked for God’s ear and confessed the sins of the past as well as his and the people of Israel.


Chapter 2

He also asked for specific help from God in approaching the king. Nehemiah included God in his plans, his concerns, and  pouring his heart out he prayed that God would be in the middle of all things.

In his subsequent conversation with the King, God was there and Nehemiah put the decisions into God’s hands, once again giving him credit for all the good things the king did.


Chapter 3

Nehemiah was sent on the journey to Jerusalem to rebuild and was given all he needed in supplies and protection from the kings men.


Chapter 4

As he began the effort to rebuild he was welcomed with taunting and name calling by his enemies in Tobiah and Sanballat.

Nehemiah just made the statement to God they are mocking you, so you decide what to do to them.

Nehemiah was angry but did not take vengeance into his own hands, but gave it to God.

How often to we do the opposite and lash out with a angry emotion to deal with it ourself and not even talk to God about it?