Improving lives.
Great Day Farms



At the Heart of the Matter

What is it about a table? Attach four legs to a flat surface and something incredible happens. Life happens. We eat, talk, play, work and live around the table. Tables hold our food, our families and our memories. At Great Day Farms, we believe great days start and end at the table. A table filled with delicious and nutritious food. A table filled with love and laughter. A table filled with family and friends. We think tables can change the world. We help fill your table with great food, so your table can help you fill life with great conversation, great memories and great days. Great Day Farms. Making a difference, one table at a time.

The Products

Fresh specialty eggs in a variety of sizes, and carton sizes, along with a peeled and ready-to-eat hard-boiled egg.

Vegetarian Fed

Our All Natural eggs come from hens fed premium vegetarian diets with no animal by-products or hormones*. They are laid by hens housed under the Animal Husbandry Guidelines established by United Egg Producers.

Omega-3 Eggs

Our Omega-3 egg come from hens fed the same feed as our All Natural eggs with the addition of flax and deliver 215mg of Omega-3 and 300mcg of Lutein per egg. Also ike our All Natural eggs, our Omega-3 eggs are laid by hens housed under the United Egg Producers Animal Husbandry Guidelines.

Cage Free Brown Eggs

Laid by hens housed in a protected barn where they are free to roam, nest, and scratch our Cage Free eggs are laid by hens fed a diet that is rich in corn and soy protein with no animal fat, animal by-products or preservatives.

Organic Eggs

Great Day Farms Organic eggs are produced by hens given a USDA Certified Organic diet. Our Organic hens are house is a protected barn and have access to the outdoors where they can scratch and socialize. These eggs and the hens thay lay them are American Humane Certified. The American Humane Association provides independent verification — ensuring the humane treatment of farm animals.

Hard-Boiled Eggs

They are available at retail in the refrigerated deli section and come peeled and ready-to-eat. They are ideal for a quick, healthy snack, or as a convenient time-saver when preparing salads or deviled eggs.

Their Place in the Market

Great Day Farms offered the first mid-tier egg brand to the nation – making a value added egg more affordable.

Everything we do at Great Day Farms centers around improving lives by delivering a product that deserve to be served at every table. To do this we know its important to stay connected. Our brand team stays connected with the customer on multiple social platforms and by working closely with a team of lifestyle, health and food bloggers. We look for authenticity in our bloggers. Why? We believe that its only possible to work successfully with those who truely love our product. Our bloggers consistenly tell our story and engage consumers. They are truely an extension of our team. Our bloggers and their recipes are periodically featured on our cartons and we listen to what they're hearing to drive new product innovation. At Great Day, brand innovation is the result of purposeful interaction with our customers and partners.

Recipes, egg facts, recycling tips, and more are featured at, further engaging customers with information they find useful.

As a brand, we're constantly striving to make the world better than is was when we found it. We connect with retailers and strategic partners through sustainable practices that reduce waste, reduce green house gasses, and encourage recycling. Together with, we are labeling our cartons to educate our consumers on how to best recycle our packaging. 

Great Day Farms is a division of CCF Brands, which is tasked with Improving Lives, a Mission Statement that inspires us to live sustainably and make a positive difference in the lives of others.

With Great Day Farms, it all starts with the egg, whether it’s baking a wedding cake for a couple’s special day, or helping a family start off the day with a healthy and nutritious breakfast. Eggs are one of nature’s best sources of protein, packed with minerals and vitamins, and one of the few foods that naturally contain Vitamin D. By offering such a valued food at a price that is affordable to most all consumers, we are Improving Lives.