Improving lives.
Farmers Market



The products

Value-priced fresh eggs, both white and brown, available in a variety of sizes and packaged in quantities of one-half dozen, dozen, 18, 30, and 60 packs. 


Their place
in the market

Eggs that are largely produced and packaged in areas where they are sold. 

Having local/regional farms and distribution centers ensures that consumers enjoy that farmhouse fresh egg taste in the 37 states where this product is available. 

Hens receive adequate space, nutritious food, clean water, proper lighting, and fresh air under rules established by United Egg Producers and Animal Husbandry Guidelines. 

Our commitment to food safety and animal welfare starts on the farm and extends across the supply chain – from delivery truck, to the processing plant, to the grocery store.


How they’re
brought to market

Our company revolutionized the egg industry by shifting the focus from production to marketing, with emphasis on category management, forecasting and replenishment, and analysis of data. 

In 1998 CCF Brands founder Ron Whaley was asked by representatives of the country’s largest supermarket to develop a warehouse egg program for a distribution center in Illinois. The program was expanded to two centers and then nationally the following year.  

Today CCF Brands is the Category Manager for that supermarket’s fresh-shelled egg division, working collaboratively with that retailer to grow the entire egg category.


Improving Lives

As a division of CCF Brands, we’re tasked with Improving Lives through a Mission Statement that inspires us to live sustainably and make a positive difference in the lives of others.

Eggs are packaged in either pulp cartons — using 100% recycled material or 100% reclaimed paper — or foam cartons made of 40% recycled material. 

All cartons are labeled with recycling instructions tailored for each zip code where our products are sold.

Eggs are shipped to stores in corrugated cases certified through the Sustainable Forestry Initiative.

We’re the first, and to date the only, egg producer asked to join The Sustainability Consortium, a global organization that advances the measurement and reporting of consumer product sustainability.

CCF Brands has established a senior management position, Chief Sustainability Officer, who directs our broad-based, company-wide strategic sustainability initiatives as well as integrating sustainability practices throughout the company.

Eggs are nature’s perfect protein, packed with minerals and vitamins, and one of the few foods that naturally contain Vitamin D. By offering such a valued food at a price that is affordable to most all consumers, we are Improving Lives.