Improving lives.
Capabilities: Supply Chain & Egg Operations

Closing that gap, the one between the farm and the table, requires a special skill set.


Supply Chain

It starts with Replenishment and Logistics, which restocks shelves about every other day for customers and strategic partners in all 50 states.

•  We strive for excellence to keep our product in stock so eggs travel efficiently from the farm to the store where customers can purchase.

•  Our team coordinates with the farms and retailers to make sure the appropriate mix of size, color, and type of egg is offered.

•  We provide timely response to all opportunities that come our way in regard to in-stock items, variety, or transportation.

Egg Operations

•  Committed to the success of our supplier community.

•  Our success is based on our relationships with our suppliers, we pride ourselves on being avaliable to their needs at a moments notice

•  We want to see our suppliers grow their business and accomplish their mission and vision while living out their values.

Information Technology and Accounting

Backing them is Information Technology and Accounting. Working together, our support services are adept at just-in-time inventory management, ensuring you have product to meet demand while minimizing your inventory costs.

Plus, to ensure that we can support our customers at all times, our information systems department keeps us on the cutting edge of communication technology and information protection.

  • We maintain redundant servers offsite in case of a disaster

  • All data is mirrored at the bit level in real time

  • All employees are equiped to ensure connectivity at all times


As leaders in sustainability, we aim to provide transparency for our consumers surrounding key issues such as animal welfare and GMOs.