Improving lives.
Capabilities: Sales & Marketing

Improving lives with meaningful solutions

Our sales and marketing team is all-in committed to improving the lives of consumers, retail customers, suppliers and strategic partners. We are never content when we know a better solution is around the corner. Whether it be a new product that meets a consumer need or an efficiency to increase profitability for a retail customer or partner — improving lives is at the heart of all that we do.

While every opportunity is different, its the following constants that allow us to deliver on our mission: passion, innovation, experience, expertise, relationship and a willingness to listen. When each of these qualities work hand-in-hand a legacy of excellence emerges.


Let’s get to the heart of the matter. Improving Lives is our passion and it’s exemplified in everything we do. We know great ideas come from hard work and hustle, perseverance and persistence, exuberance and excitement. 


Why fit in when you can stand out? We approach a challenge from many angles to find the solution that has not yet been found. We are constantly striving to discover and develop products with a unique position and solutions that improve the lives of all involved - from farm to table.

Innovation in a commodity driven industry

Our position in the egg industry is well known. While the rest of the industry focused on the production side of the business, we were developing models for forecasting, focusing on marketing, analyzing data and working collaboratively with our customers to grow the market.

  • We built the first national warehouse program for eggs.

  • We were the first to bring a mid-tier priced egg brand to the consumer.

  • We develop a best-in-class food safety program that goes beyond industry requirements.

  • We have optimized alternative pricing strategies to manage risk.

  • We have pioneered dedicated production for eggs.

  • We a driving sustainable practices in the egg industry.

  • We are poised to grow your egg business or revolutionize your commodity industry.


In addition to extensive experience in the egg industry, our sales and marketing team draws on their history in other CPG categories. We work successfully with retailers to grow private label and branded business by targeting consumers using effective in-store promotions and social media. We’re also good with the numbers, helping our retail customers and partners calculate a constant rate of return on expenditures and establishing sales prices. Our breakthrough innovation in commodity egg cost plus pricing changed the industry.


Unparalleled expertise. Our experience in egg category management helps retailers realize more profits, strengthen their strategies and better connect with the customers they want to reach.


At CCF Brands, it has always been our goal to build trusting relationships with everyone we do business. Over the years we have built retailer relationships through a history of innovations that lead to mutual success. We don’t simply sell a product to a buyer, we share ideas and listen to suggestions and consequently build meaningful solutions and products.

Willingness to Listen

As we see it, the only way to deliver meaningful solutions is to understand the need you’re solving. The only way to understand a need is to listen and we listen. We stay in constant contact with our retail buyers, listening to their needs, and match products and solutions to fit that need. We have ongoing dialog with consumers — real dialog not just a survey from time to time. If you are willing to listen, consumers will tell you what they need. What’s more, our eyes and ears are always open to our suppliers and partners — a practice that results in industry changing innovations.

As a sales and marketing driven company our mission of Improving Lives is our promise to you that we will do what’s right, both ethically and morally.