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Capabilities: Category Management

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Our category managers bring skills in shopper management, category insight, space planning, and strategic forecasting to help retailers and strategic partners satisfy shopper’s needs.

It’s one reason we’re a major retail Category Advisor, a position we’ve earned by working collaboratively with their buyers to maximize sales in their fresh-shelled egg division. 

Our experiences with major retail is invaluable in helping merchants, our team members and strategic partners bring products to market. These experiences have provided us proven insight to develop our strategic brand methodologies:

  • Development, implementation and evaluation of strategic category plans to increase category performance.

  • Recommendation of assortments based on consumer preferences, performance and segmentation.

  • Recommendation of product placements and building of plan-o-grams based on assortment recommendations, item and store segmentation, price progression and stated merchandising strategies.

  • Projection and evaluation of annual and holiday category performance for all items and store hierarchies to improve product flow and performance.

  • Expertise in analyzing industry standard syndicated data to understand what products the targeted consumer prefers in all U.S. markets.

  • Monitoring and analyzing item and customer purchasing trends to meet consumer demands and improve our customers market share.

  • Establishment of open, unbiased dialogue with a retailer's buying and category management teams to share information and analysis.